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Call for Contributions

IPO is a place to share your philosophical ideas with the global community! Contributions by students eIPO 2021 will include many sessions where students will actively participate and discuss several topics, but we would also like to invite students to …

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eIPO 2020 Memories

Here you can find the list of keynote speakers from the 2020. eIPO 2020 has brought several “Philosophy cafes” organised by students for students. Here you can find finals results and winning essays from 2020. eIPO 2020 schedule with many …

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What is IPO?

PreambleThe International Philosophy Olympiads (IPO), which is a competition for high-school pupils, first took place in 1993, by an initiative of the Department of Philosophy of Sofıa University to invite a group of philosophers from various countries. The founding members …

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