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Resources for Teachers & Evaluators

IPO rules
Official IPO rules on essay writing and essay evaluation. Document includes assessment criteria and basic marking rubric

Marking Rubric
Evaluation rubric & sheet made by Floris Velema: short tool to help IPO evaluators.

Short Guide IPO evaluators
“How to Evaluate a Philosophy Essay at the International Philosophy Olympiad” written by Jonas Pfister: This very short guide is for evaluators (delegation leaders and teachers) who are members of the International Jury at the International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO), and especially for those who are members for the first time. This guide is not part of the official regulations and it does not state rules.

Assessment Criteria
Additional explanation of assessment criteria written by Miha Andric. The document follows IPO official rules and is used for final selection of Slovenia IPO delegation.

Guide for members of the International Jury
Suggestion for the evaluation process decided by International Committee at IPO2020 in Rome.