Organised by Društvo Argument

Rules & Procedures

Here you can find full standard IPO rules and procedures.

Rules and procedures for online essay writing will follow standard IPO rules but will be adapted to the online environment to prevent any plagiarism. All the registered participants (students and teachers) will get the detailed instructions after the registration.

Students will be writing from their home computers and will be remotely controlled by the professional software program as well as by the assistant teachers provided by the organisers. The only thing students need to participate is a working internet connection and a home computer.

I. Every student writes an essay on one of the four topics given to them.
II. The essay must be written in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish; however, it must not be written in the official language(s) of the student’s state (e.g., a German does not write in German). The only aid that may be used during the students´ essay-writing are bi-lingual dictionaries in the pupils´ own language and one of the official IPO languages (English/German/French/Spanish), and mono-lingual dictionaries in one of the official IPO languages. Such dictionaries must be in paper versions, not in any electronic format.
III. The time of writing is 4 hours.
IV. The names of the authors of all essays are encoded and not known to the assessors until the final ranking is fixed.